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November 24, 2009

Stop Muslim Massacre in North Yemen

Statement of the Union of Islamic World Students on the
Muslim Massacre in Yemen

In the Name of Allah

The emergence of Islam resulted from the hard attempts of holy Prophet (A.S.) and his family and companions (Salamullah Alayhim) is a turning point in the history of human being, which caused lots of developments in the current civilization and one of the little achievements has gained from the pure tree (Shajare Tayebe) is the expansion of reading and writing and world-wideness of the sciences in the Islam world and transition of these sciences into Spain, Italy, Germany, other nations and then all over the world.

In this way without the turning point, there was no civilization like ancient Egypt, Iran and Rome in the current civilization.

There are many reasons for the truth but unfortunately the falsely developed and Zionism-led society of west has started a vast psychological war against Islam world that leads by known persons like Bush & Sharon and their middle east servants are royal regimes (dictator) which do everything for them to maintain their kingdom.

The regimes which established on the base of royalty, not democracy (vote of people), like the Wahhabi regime of Ale Saud which has committed many crimes against Muslim nations like Palestine, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and so on.

And even in 1987, the regime martyrs the Muslims from different countries who have expressed their disgust at the current atheists (according to context of Quran) and now they are committing another crime in Yemen.

Another human disaster is happening in 21th century. Again, killing, massacre, bombing innocent people, and slaughter of women and children!!!

After providing the fuel of Zionist regime`s tanks in the war of Gaza & Lebanon, and expanding Wahhabi thoughts in the Islamic & non-Islamic countries by the name of Taliban & Al-Qaeda, now the leaders of Riyadh are invading homes and land of Yemen and killing women & children.

Why should the North of Yemen's people be attacked by the bombs and missiles and innocent women and children killed?

Why should these brothers kill each other concurrent with the days of Hajj, Ayyamullah, the greatest symbol of Muslim unity?

Custodians of holy shrines! Where are you going? Why are you obeying the superpowers and arrogance?

We, Muslim students, condemn the massacre of oppressed Muslims and emphasis following cases:

  1. We want Saudi Arabia and Yemen government to stop the violations against innocent people of Sa'da.
  2. We, Muslim students, announce: We know the unfair policy causing disunity among Muslims and see the hands of U.S. and Zionist regime behind the events.
  3. We back the oppressed Muslim of Sa'da and want Allah to free them from the oppressors and announce that resistance against superpowers is the only way of liberty & freedom.
  4. We want the organization of Islamic conference, international organizations and Islamic governments to do their real duty and prevent the holocaust happening in Yemen.
  5. We want other Muslim nations to support the oppressed Muslims of Yemen and do their best to free them from the tyranny.
  6. We, students of Islam world, expressed our disgust at the silence of Islamic organizations & governments and announce that the violation is completely inconsistence with islamic principles.


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